Saturday, November 21, 2020 by Jennie Higgins | Student Family Message

As American Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am to have such wonderful piano studio families. 

As COVID numbers rise once again in Calgary, we have temporarily returned to online piano lessons. I understand that Zoom fatigue is real.  I have been collecting many resources to keep my students engaged and working through their music.  But really, it is still up to my students and their families that make online lessons work.  I am so grateful to parents, grandparents and siblings who have jumped in to help with the online lessons.  

I am reminded of one of my preschool students.  Grandma has been helping this young one with her online lessons for a few months now.  Grandma has been so eager.  Checking on her granddaughter's homework in My Music Staff.  Printing games, activities and flashcards for my young 3 year old student.  Grandma has asked me for all these extra activities to do with her granddaughter to help her along her musical journey.  I am quite happy to give any extra activity that I can find to help my young student on her musical journey! I love logging online to her online lessons and having my little student bring me her activities or finger piano friends to show me.  When Mom and Dad or Grandpa come to help with piano lessons, my little stuent loves showing off what we are learning, who the characters are in her little preschool book, and showing how she can play with each of her finger friends or "Wunderbies".  

We've had to adapt some of our games for online use, but it has been wonderful fun!  

As we go into the Holiday Season, I just wanted to say thank you to my studio families.  It's because of you that I truly love what I do.  With my move coming up very quickly, it has truly put my mind at ease to know that I am blessed to have amazing piano studio families.  

Thank you!


Saturday, November 21, 2020 by Jennie Higgins | About Me

Let me tell you about myself and what I believe music means to me.

My heart for each student is that they fall in love with piano.  Although, learning to play well is important. 
Loving what they do is my ultimate goal.  So through practice, music theory, and any other means, I teach each student the art of music through playing the piano.  I try to customize each lesson to what my students need.  
I hope my students will find joy in playing, the discipline of practicing and the focus & clarity it brings as they learn.  Then they will share that joy and love of music with their world.