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Piano Care Tips

Have your piano tuned regularly.  Once a year minimum.
Ask your technician to do a minor "touch-up" regulation at each tuning. This will prevent most instances of unnecessary wear and breakage.
Have a full regulation done every 2 to 5 years. You'd be surprised at how your piano should have sounded and responded to you playing all these years.

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What Does the Teacher Expect from You?

You should:
1. Arrive at lessons, performances and other studio activities on time, with all music and materials needed.
2. Pay on time. Mrs. Jenn requires tuition in advance by the month.  Post-dated cheques are to be giving before the first lesson of each term.  Many teachers collect tuition in advance by the month, semester or year and do not refund tuition. Often teachers raise fees commensurate with cost-of-living increases on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Part 3

8. What if my child doesn't want to perform?
No student should be forced to perform. However, if they are thoroughly prepared well in advance for a performance and rehearse until they feel confident, most students will conquer their performance fears. Encourage informal performances at home on a regular basis to prepare for more formal performances. Never force a student who is not adequately prepared to play.
9. How can I use the CDs with my child?

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Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

5. What if my child wants to have long fingernails?
Unfortunately, short fingernails are necessary to develop a good hand position and a fluid technique. Ask _Mrs. Jenn_ to further explain the importance of keeping the nails at a length that will promote good technical habits.
6. What if my child doesn't want to count or sing aloud?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Piano Study

1. How long should it take my child to complete a level?
It depends on the age and maturity of the student, the amount of practice time, and the level of family involvement and support. Students should progress through the books at a steady pace, always seeking a balance between being challanged and feeling comfortable. Some students may complete a level in 3 months, while others may take the entire school year or more. The harder the level, the longer it will take.
2. Should my child practice each day, and if so, for how long?

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How Can You Support Your Child?

A positive parental attitude is crucial
1. Show interest in music in everyday life.
2. Take your child to extra-curricular musical events such as recitals, concerts, and musicals.

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Expectations & Policies

1. Punctuality:
Please respect your fellow students and myself by being on time. If you are not on time, you will lose the time in your lesson.
2. Payments:

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How to Practice with Your Child

If you do not play piano…
* Use flash cards to review
* Ask your child to teach you things.

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Piano & theory lessons in northwest Calgary, Alberta. I am a capable teacher that enjoys instructing students both young and mature.

Experience the joy of falling in love with the piano together.

-Jenn Higgins