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What Does the Teacher Expect from You?

You should:

  1. Arrive at lessons, performances and other studio activities on time, with all music and materials needed.

  2. Pay on time. Mrs. Jenn requires tuition in advance by the month.  Post-dated cheques are to be giving before the first lesson of each term.  Many teachers collect tuition in advance by the month, semester or year and do not refund tuition. Often teachers raise fees commensurate with cost-of-living increases on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

  3. Respect the teacher's make-up lesson policies and cancel lessons in a timely manner.

  4. Keep track of how your child is progressing and whether any problems are developing. Mrs. Jenn requires a notebook of some kind, so she may record what your child does and needs to practice each week.

  5. Inform _Mrs. Jenn_ if you think assignments are too hard or too easy, too long or too short.

  6. Provide a tuned piano, and all necessary music and supporting materials such a metronome.

  7. Monitor your child's practice.

  8. Aid your child's musical development outside the lesson.

  9. Inform _Mrs. Jenn_ if your child has a negative attitude toward lessons or would like discontinue lessons.

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Piano & theory lessons in northwest Calgary, Alberta. I am a capable teacher that enjoys instructing students both young and mature.

Experience the joy of falling in love with the piano together.

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