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How Can You Support Your Child?

A positive parental attitude is crucial

  1. Show interest in music in everyday life.

  2. Take your child to extra-curricular musical events such as recitals, concerts, and musicals.

  3. Play music in the home using recordings and videos.

  4. Listen to music on TV and radio.

  5. Encourage summer study, but don't force it. Some teachers require it; if not, involve your child in making the decision.

  6. Get a good instrument - not necessarily top-of-the-line. Students won't advance beyond the quality of their instruments. Have the piano tuned twice a year to keep it in the best shape.

  7. Encourage your child to form a group of friends with similar interests and goals in music.

  8. Relate music study to other subjects and life in general.

  9. Encourage your child to sing, sight-read and experiment with the piano to foster creativity, improvisation and playing by ear.

  10. Encourage your child to read books about music, and use computer programs and websites related to music theory and fundamentals.

  11. Encourage your child to experiment with the features of digital keyboards and sequencers.  If you have only an accoustic piano, you can make other instruments, like drums and things to help keep rhythm while listening to music.

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