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Frequently Asked Questions - Part 3

8. What if my child doesn't want to perform?
No student should be forced to perform. However, if they are thoroughly prepared well in advance for a performance and rehearse until they feel confident, most students will conquer their performance fears. Encourage informal performances at home on a regular basis to prepare for more formal performances. Never force a student who is not adequately prepared to play.

9. How can I use the CDs with my child?
(Premier Piano Course)
Listen to the performance version on the CD to provide a performance model for the student. The practice version on the CD can be used in a variety of ways. Students can clap or tap the rhythm as the CD plays, point to the note names as the CD plays, or sing (or say) the words as the CD plays. Finally, when the student is secure playing the piece, he/she can play along with the practice version or performance version.

10. How can I use the flash cards with my child?
**There are two types of flash cards in the **Premier Piano Course
- Music Cards and Sight-Reading Cards. Use the Music Cards to help the student review important concepts. Each card shows the corresponding Lesson Book page number in the upper right corner on the back of the card. Also, on the back of each card is a question for you to ask the child, with the answer given. The Sight-Reading cards contain a short musical example for the student to play on the keyboard. Ask the student to play each example on time daily in practice when studying the corresponding Lesson Book page (shown in the upper right corner of the card).

As for regular Music Flash Cards, go through each card, asking what the symbol or note is. Separate the cards into two different piles, as you go through them. 1) If the student gets it right the first time and 2) If the the student does not get it right the first time. Take the second pile and place them on top for next time. That way they do the hard cards first and will have fun when the finish with things they know for next time. Do these cards daily, until they can go through the entire deck very easily.

**11. How can I help my child with theory if I'm not a musician?
**The Theory Book is designed to enhance all elements of musicianship. With consistent theory work, note reading will improve, and ear training, sight-reading and creative activities will enhance overall musicianship. If you are not a musician, your most important role is to make sure that the student has completed all theory activities prior to the lesson so that a minimum of lesson time can be devoted to the Theory Book. If you are a musician, you can check theory pages to save lesson time for the teacher.

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