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Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

5. What if my child wants to have long fingernails?
Unfortunately, short fingernails are necessary to develop a good hand position and a fluid technique. Ask _Mrs. Jenn_ to further explain the importance of keeping the nails at a length that will promote good technical habits.

6. What if my child doesn't want to count or sing aloud?
Most students dislike counting aloud, but can learn to do so. It is an important phase in gaining independence for students to learn to count for themselves. Counting with a steady, audible pulse is an important step before the student can play with a metronome, CD, GM disk, or comfortably play duets. First, students should learn to tap the rhythm, while counting aloud while playing. Eventually, couting will become a comfortable habit. Singing the words to pieces reinforces many basic issues such as rhythm and note reading. It is a critical key to helping students learn to play with expression. If the student is hesitant about singing, simply say the words in rhythm. As the student progresses to singing, join them. He/she can even count and sing along with the CD.

7. What if my child doesn't like a particular piece?
No one specific piece is crucial to the success or failure of a student. However, if a student does not like a piece, it is often because it seems difficult in some way. Students often discover that "least-favorite" pieces later become "most-favorite" pieces after some quality practice. Ask _Mrs. Jenn_ if there is something the child does not understand about the piece. If the student continues to dislike the piece, sometimes _Mrs. Jenn_ can find a substitute piece that teaches the same concept.

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