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Expectations & Policies

1. Punctuality:
Please respect your fellow students and myself by being on time. If you are not on time, you will lose the time in your lesson.

2. Payments:
I require post-dated cheques for each month for the entire term.
Please make cheques payable to Jennie Higgins

3. Terms:
The first term begins on September 5th. The second term begins on January 8th. Please see your calendar provided by your teacher.

4. Lesson Fees:
Evaluations are $15.00. The lesson fees will be discussed at your evaluation. Recital fees are included. Monthly fees will vary. Please see your calendar that is provided by your teacher.

5. Music Supplies:
Music books and supplies are not included in the lesson fees. Your teacher will provide a list of books and supplies required for each student in your evaluation. RCM exam fees are not included in these prices.

6. Music Books:
The two curriculums that I prefer to teach from are: the Alfred Piano Series (includes: Basic, Premier & Little Mozart's programs), and the Royal Conservatory of Music (includes: Celebration Piano Series). I am a RCM certified teacher, and am qualified to teach Beginner to Grade 8.

7. Make-up Lessons:
I require at least 48 hours notice if you should need to make any changes made to your lesson that week. Make-up lessons will be provided at your teacher's discretion.

8. Private Lessons:
The lessons are private, parents and friends may not stay in the lesson. Parents may be allowed to remain until your child is comfortable or if the teacher thinks it may benefit your child. Please discuss the with your teacher after or before the child's lesson.

9. Cancellation Policy:
Adamo Piano Studio requires 2 weeks before the 1st of the following month for your cheques to be returned. If notice is given under 2 weeks, there will be no refund for the following month.
Adamo Piano Studio reserves the right to withhold any outstanding fees.

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Piano & theory lessons in northwest Calgary, Alberta. I am a capable teacher that enjoys instructing students both young and mature.

Experience the joy of falling in love with the piano together.

-Jenn Higgins